A Mighty Moose

Pipe cleaners make crazy antlers.

Snowy Owl

Pull cotton all over big pine cones.

Colourful Bird

Stick as many coloured feathers as you can into
a foam ball.

Mouse with LONG Tail

Cut out a heart and fold in half to make body.
Attach and curl a ribbon for his tail.

Bird Bookmark

He'll look good sticking out of any book!

Brown Bag Rabbit

This rabbit is stuffed with old newspapers.
Attach cotton balls in the back for a tail.

A Small Hungry Caterpillar

Caterpillars can be made longer with a
bigger foam leaf.

Tickle Stick

Wrap a pipe cleaner around a tongue
depressor and slip a feather inside.

The Lamb from Mary Had a Little Lamb

His tail will wag when you attach the tail with a
paper fastener


Cotton completes this sheep

Christmas Stocking

Add a little garland to top it off


Another use for cereal

String Heart

Round and round the string goes

Cornflake Tree

Cornflakes make perfect crinkly fall leaves

Glitter Turkey

Trace your hand and add the glitter

Halloween Witch

A little bit of garbage bag makes a good cape!


Decorate the turtle shell


Santa with pink nose and fluffy trim


Tinsel makes great rain

Pink Pig

His face pops out

Mouse Mess

This mouse got as dirty as the mouse in the book
"Lunch" by Denise Fleming


Mouse with long tail

Frog in the Pond

Add some lily pads

Autumn Tree

Coloured papers make fall leaves

Envelope Chicken

Turn an envelope into a chicken with the lift of a flap

Sand Castle

This one has a jeweled door!

Birthday Cake

Colour the number of candles that equals your age

Finger Puppet Bug

Cut the tip off a plastic glove

Bird that can Fly

Rings are attached to back of bird. When fingers are squeezed
together, the wings will flap

Bird that can Fly

Fingers go in the rings so wings can flap

Sheep with Underwear!!

Craft goes well with the picture book "What Color is Your
Underwear?" by Sam Lloyd

Sheep with Underwear!!

Lift and decorate!

Sun on a Stick

Glue reds, yellows and oranges to a paper plate. Add a


Use up packing peanuts and foam

Snowflakes in the Summer

Doilies, q-tips, and silver glitter make great snowflakes

Making a Rabbit with our Hand

Trace your hand to make a rabbit. Keep the last 3 fingers
tight together.


Follow the number of dots to make a caterpillar

Build a Nest

Add lots of sticks to make a nest

Paws to Read

When you read a book, write the title on a bone
and place it in the dish.

Tea for Mom

Have a variety of tea bags to choose from

Rip Art

Rip paper to make grass, a tree truck and leaves

Wolf Mask

These look great one!

The Hungry Caterpillar on a Leaf

He hasn't started eating yet

Camoflauge Heart

Use all the greens, browns, blacks and tans

Sucker Ghost

Use him for eating or decorating

Puzzle Duck

Once in pieces... he's now glued together.

Clothes Collage

Pick all the clothes that catch your eye


The green on top is Easter grass

Clutter Bug

Glue all your leftover clutter onto the Clutter Bug


Check the worm to see what the weather is like