Idea from Ashely Mendez                       

Painted Autumn Tree

Add autumn leaves with crumpled up tinfoil

Skull Inkblot

Paint on half the skull then fold in half and open


Make a lion's mane. Idea from Pinterest. 


  Yarn is stuck on with double-sided tape              


Flower Fingerprints

Fingerprints on the petals                               

Bird on Perch

I curled his tail up at the end                                                                   

Hand Art

Make bunny ears with your fingers and trace your hand         


Idea from Meet the Dubiens                     

My Pet Cloud

Idea from 1,2,3 Play and Learn                   

Tiny Tim Turtle

Tipping Teapot

Idea from Danya Banya                                 


Letter D

   Add your own dots                                                     

Inchworms in the Grass

Idea from Teach Preschool. Use a fork for grass


Idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons                                     

Letter Hair

Write your name over and over and over for the hair      



Counting Carrots

Green pieces match number

Bouquet of Balloons

Draw the strings; add balloons                                                  

Bee Hive

Idea from Crafty Morning but I used fingers; not bubble wrap

Boo-Boo Butterfly

Idea from Strong Start blog                                                   

Northern Lights

Idea from Tippy Toe Crafts                                                      


Idea from Fun Family Crafts                                             


He is covered with tape. Idea from No Time for Flash Cards.


Add eyes, sprinkles and a name