Christmas Lights

Add paint with your fingers to make lights.                        

Santa's Beard

Add cotton to Santa's beard                      


Cut or rip paper into shapes to fill up snowflake    

Night Sky

Add colours (markers, crayons, paint, etc)

Pete the Cat

Glue on some groovy buttons                          

Fall Tree

Paint on leaves with fingers or Q-tips                                  

Birds and Shapes

Hearts, circles and a triangle = bird             

Chalk Art

Make marks. Smudge chalk with cotton

Painting on Bubble Wrap

Just add paint                                                    

Stand Alone Bear

Template from Big Activities.   

Print Making

Add paint with scrunched up paper                        

Autumn Leaves

  Fingerpaint the leaves on                                           

Inside Caves

Stalagmites (bottom) vs stalactites (top). Idea from Mailbox


Add paint with a cotton ball. Idea from Inner Child Fun

Press Here

 Based on the book Press Here by Herve Tullet


Counting Gumballs

Count as you glue on pom-poms or put on stickers


Paint went on with q-tips. Idea from Artsonia


Press fork into paint. Idea from Blog Me Mom       


Q-Tip Painting. Idea from Therapy Fun Zone      

Polka-Dotted Letter P

Add dots to the Letter P                             

Caterpillar Pets

Add beads. Idea from Make and Takes                              

Duck Pond

Idea from Squish Preschool Ideas                                     

Polka Dots

Painting with dots of paint

Splat! Monster

  Paint one half of the folded paper. Re-fold. Add eyes.
Idea from Art Cabin's Blog              

Tiger + Fact

Colour orange and add stripes                                


Use a wet q-tip to trace over a picture/name drawn with marker


Idea from Dilly-Dali Art.                                    


   Idea and template from Kiboomu                             


Add eyes and green to clothespin. Pom pom is a monkey.


Glue round cereal around the letter O                        


Dab paint around a groundhog shape. Take the shape off.


Practice cutting to make the barbs on the feather

Letter M

Stamp a letter M with marshmallows dipped in paint  


Practice drawing lines by adding needles             


Fun with reinforcements