Color a Grinch, add a green candy cane and the
poem above

Countdown to Christmas

Paste this poem on a star:
Every evening after godnights are said
Take off one ring and jump into bed
When only the star is left to shine
Then you will know it is Christmas time!

Add red and green paper loops to equal the number of days left until Christmas.

(Thanks for the idea Heather!)

Frosty Leaf Ghosts

Paint the leaf white; add a face.
(idea came from the She Knows Canada website)

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Make a lamb with your hand. Guess how many
cotton balls will cover the lamb (ex: 5). Paste Mary
Had a Little Lamb beside your picture

Wrist Rabbit

Tape and wear around your wrist


Just add glitter for the water

Shoulder Pet

Attach to your shoulder using a clothespin

Halloween Bat

Keep your chocolate bars safe with this bat!

Whoooing Owl

Owl made of two hearts. Eyes are stickers.


Poke a fastener through the tail so the tail can swish
Add stickers or draw circles for polka dots.


The front is a duck, the back a rabbit
Written on the rabbit is:
I'm a little bunny, and you're in luck
Just turn me over, and I'm a duck!

A Home for a Worm

Pair this with the picture book Ned's New Home by
Kevin Tseng

Autumn Tree

Trace your arm and hand for the tree trunk. Use
green, red, and yellow paint for the leaves.


Use a fork to make this porcupine


Bookmarks made with heavier paper.


Mom can be replaced with any name

Animal Safari

Add animal crackers


Make a face using shapes

Alphabet Soup

Add stickers or write your own letters.
Make words.

Jungle Vines

Make vines up to the clouds


Red yarn for the mouth. Beads for the tentacles

Exploding Volcano

Trace hands to make the exploding top

Hibernating Bear

Add lots of cotton for the snow

Father's Day

Use fingerpaints to cover hands with paint.

"World's Best Dad Hands Down"

Hot Air Balloon

Attach the basket with string. Add stickers or
glitter to the balloon.

Tall Grasses

Grasses are traced hands. Add insect stickers and

Bird Nest

Rip brown paper to make a nest for the bird

Silly Bird

Create a beak. Draw feathers and eyes, arms and legs.

Soaring Butterfly

Add to a popsicle stick

Jack Be Nimble Candle

Flame is attached to a popsicle stick


Use a plastic bag for the body and tissue paper
for the head. Add eyes and cut the ends of the bag
to make tentacles.

Apple Trees

Fingerpaint the apples; add poem to the back:
These are special apples, hanging on this tree,
I made them with my fingerprints, they are a
part of me!


A bendy straw was used for the long nose.

Unhappy Tooth

Tooth is so unhappy because he is stained yellow
and has cavities.

Sea of Love

Glue together three sizes of cut-out hearts to make
this fish valentine.

Pop-Up Butterfly

Trace hands and add sequins and eyes

Busy Bee

Draw stripes and add a stinger to a bee template