Fill the Kangaroo Pouch

Colour and cut out the baby animal that belongs in the pouch

Garbage Truck and Garbage Can

This truck is hauling lots of paper! To make a garbage can
like the one that appears in the book Raccoon Tune by Nancy Shaw,
cover a small cup with tinfoil. Add goldfish crackers.

Spotted Dog

Spots can be drawn with markers, or stuck on with black round stickers.

Valentine Bookmark

Glue a row from an old calendar onto construction paper. Add
stickers, ribbon and a message such as You Make My Day.

Rattle Snake

Rattle is made by adding rice to a folded tail. Use ribbon and straw pieces for the body. Don't forget the tongue!


Add cotton to a cork to make this guy


Hearts and ears make a great rabbit

Horn of Plenty

Glue noodles onto the horn of plenty


He must have been rolling around in the sand!


Turn your hand cut out into an elephant by adding ears

Toothy Smile

Add teeth to mouth (make the number of teeth equal to your age)

Rabbit with Moveable Ears

If you close my ears all the way, my face hides

Rabbit with Moveable Ears

With my ears up!

Old Mother Hubbard

Fill her bare cupboard with food. What will you put in?

Dirty Kitten Mittens

These mittens belonged to one of the Three Little Kittens-
as you can see, they have just eaten their pie!

A Wish

Write Star Light, Star Bright rhyme on sheet.
Write your wish under the star (leave a side unglued)

Long Snake

Add as many segments as you want. Attach with paper fasteners


Just add string or wool


Windmill spins with the use of a paper fastener in the middle

Jumping Over the Moon

Whee! Attach a cow to a moon with a paper fastener
and watch her jump over the moon as you move
her side to side


Hold wings together with a sucker


Paint both hands and place wrist to wrist on page to make
this image

Dalmation and Brown Dog

Folds of the paper become ears. Add dots

Hippo Puppet

Glue hippo picture to a brown bag

Peanut Card

Fold brown paper in half to make a peanut card

Peanut Card

Inside message

Heart Creature

A heart makes a good foot for this guy


Add hearts for ears, eyes and a nose

Sitting Penguin

Doesn't he look comfortable

Shiny Fish

Turn old CDs into fish

Apple Trees

Look at all the apples!


Fill small plastic bag with tissue paper. Clip on a clothespin
and a piece of pipecleaner

Big-Eared Rabbit

Add huge ears to a rabbit face made out
of a paper doily

Colour Blending

Draw marker designs on a coffee filter. Spray with water
and watch the colours blend

Funny Glasses

Reuse egg cartons to make these funny glasses. Colour and
add pipecleaner handles.

Black Cat

Take a black marker to a paper cup and add whiskers, ears,
a tail, eyes and a nose.

Big and Small

A big and small fish swim in the waves

Puffy Flower

Staple two cut-outs of a flower together after stuffing with
scrap paper


Fit the right scoop into the cone


"Five Little Pumpins Sitting on a Gate"


Glue kleenex to a drawing of your hand

Humpty Dumpty

Cut an egg shape into pieces and glue back together

Brush Your Teeth

Glue a little rhyme about brushing teeth onto a toothbrush


Make this snake puppet using a paper

Elmer the Elephant

Fill Elmer with reds, greens, blues, yellows......

D is for Dog

Glue a dog to the the letter 'd'

Valentine Owl

Glue two hearts together to make this owl

Valentine Owl (Inside)

Write a message under his beak