Glue Dots

Practice making little dots of glue. Add cotton or glitter. Idea


Painted hands become the whiskers                                      

Bat in Cave

Don't forget to glue him upside down                           

Polar Bear

His fur is kleenex. Add an eye.                                     

Feathery F

Add feathers to the letter F. Idea from Kiboomu             

Letter D

Add dalmation dog dots on the letter D                                 

Hello and Goodbye

Idea from Sunflower Storytime                             

Cotton Swab Writing

Use a Q-Tip dipped in paint to trace over letter of the alphabet

Lorax Mustache

Lorax mustache. Hold under your nose. Idea from Smitten Life.


Make a red or green apple. Add a stem. Idea from No Time for
Flash Cards


Add  watch face to toilet paper roll. Idea from Red Ted Art's Blog
 Cut a slit in the back of the roll so it slips on the wrist.                  


Coffee filters, markers and pipe cleaner. Idea from Narrating
Tales of Preschool Storytime.

Humpty Dumpty

Remove egg and act out the rhyme. Idea from Big Horn Library

D is for Duck

Idea from See What We Did Today


Tissue paper flowers

Hugs and Kisses

Painted with a cork

Number Eight Spider

So many legs!


Use triangles and rectangles to make a lighthouse
Idea from No Time for Flash Cards

Treats for the Birds

String cereal onto a pipe cleaner
Idea from Here Comes the Sun

Easter Egg Bookmark

Idea from So Crafty from Squidoo


Just add fish. Idea from First School


Add some flames to your fire by gluing on tissue
Idea from No Time for Flash Cards

Frog and Toad

See the difference between frogs and toads
Idea from Relentlessy Fun, Deceptively Educational

Dream Clouds

Paint your clouds on using white paint and
Idea from Crayola

Lion Face

Practice cutting skills around the orange mane
Idea from Read it Again


Idea from Storytime Katie
Allison, thanks for supplying the fingers!

Letter 0

Colour the O with an orange crayon or marker
Glue on oatmeal (I used large flakes)
Practice drawing the letter O below the picture

Letter Tracing

Practice tracing the letter A
Template from Ziggity Zoom


Idea from All Kids Network
Seeds are made with black painted fingertips

Baa Baa Black Sheep

New rhymes
Idea from Tippytoe Crafts and DLTK

Australian Animals

Glue pictures of animals from Australia onto
a map of Australia
Pattern from Enchanted Learning


Pom-poms make good tomatoes and meatballs.
Noodles are made out of yarn
Idea from 1234 More Storytimes


Add string
Idea from Fowl Single File