Christmas Tree

The tree stands with the help of a clothespin
Idea from Homemaking Fun


Put me in a book


Fold brown paper in half and cut a U shape to
make the legs. Colour hooves and eyes. Add a nose
and antlers.
Idea from Pinterest


How much snow (cotton) will your snowman catch
on his tongue (card stock paper)?

Candy Jar

Use paint for the candy (use your finger or
a Q-Tip to apply the paint)
Idea from The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman


Turn the letter B into a bear
Idea from La La's Home Daycare


Idea from Play and Learn with Dana
Wings are made from wax paper
Don't forget the stinger (pipe cleaner)

Rainbow Hair

Add colourful hair and a face

Snippin Ghost

Glue pieces of paper around a ghost outline
Idea from Toddler Approved.

Autumn Tree

Draw a tree trunk. Add broken up coloured

Leaf Creature

Idea from What to Expect.


Thank-you to my friend Heather and her son Tyler
for this idea


Yarn for the tail. Clothespins for the legs. Spots
are black paint.
Idea from San Bernardino County School

Tall, Tall Grass

In the tall, tall grass
I can see________ (count the animal stamps or stickers)

Read the book In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming
before or after this craft

Idea from Pre-K Pages


A new use for a toilet paper roll.
Idea from Free Preschool Crafts

Pencil Snake

His tongue is construction paper

Grassy Hair

Add a face to a cup. Put grass seeds and dirt
inside. Wait for hair to grow.


Idea from Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities
on the page Valentine's Day Craft for Kids


Fold the full moon over the make a crescent moon

Idea from Preschool Playbook


Glitter and feathers

Cats and Counting

The number on the bow tie equals the number
of whiskers to draw

Gingerbread Man

What will you bite off so he doesn't run away
(like in the book The Gingerbread Man)
Idea from Mrs. Cook's Kindershine


We cut around his spiral shell for practice with scissor.
Idea from

Name Train


Shape the pipe cleaner into a handle
Idea from Kiboomu


Add grass and spots; glue anywhere in the pasture
Pattern from The Best Kids Booksite

I Love You

Sign language for I Love You. Place a heart in the middle
of your hand

Idea from Family Fun


Glitter outlines his body


Cotton is glued to a popsicle stick body


We decorated this frog's bum like in the picture
book The Best Bottom by Brigitte Minne


Stand your cow in some knee high grass by
cutting a rectangle into fringe.

Pull Apart Art

Cut an old postcard or birthday card into
strips. Glue an inch apart


I Hand My Love to You written inside

Valentine Frog

Hearts make his face. Circles are cut to make


Decorate the egg.

Heart Butterflies

Rub crayons over a heart shape that is under
the paper. Add antennae

Valentine Flower


Give a pickle a personality

Valentine Insect

Body is heart wrapping paper


Yellow tissue paper and sunflower seeds
Idea from Bright Hub

Cat Collage

Pictures taken from an old Cat a Day calendar


Turn a triangle into a teepee. Cut a triangular
opening (like a flap)

Summer Day

Cupcake wrapper= sun


Reinforcements turn into a lacy design


Turn your hand into a reindeer. Add a red
nose for Rudolph